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The AASB provides a range of free email subscription services.

International updates - This service provides notification, by email, of activities being conducted by international accounting standard setters.

Website update alerts - This service will advise you by email when important documents are published on the website.

You will also receive the AASB eNewsletter Transparency, which alerts you to the work being carried out by the AASB staff. It includes news and facts, technical project developments, events, reminders about documents open for comment, profile information about AASB staff members, the career progression of AASB Graduate Interns and more.

Action Alerts - The AASB publishes an Action Alert within 24 hours of the completion of each AASB meeting, featuring a summary of significant matters discussed and agreed during the meeting.

Media releases - Media releases will be sent to you via email when they are published on the website.

Board meeting agendas - Receive the agenda in advance of each AASB Board meeting.

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