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Government reports

Operational policies and processes

FRC broad strategic direction for the AASB
External Complaints Handling Procedure

Regulatory Compliance

The AASB is required to comply with the Government’s Best Practice Regulation requirements, including preparing an Annual Regulatory Plan, undertaking regulatory impact analyses for all new or revised regulation and reporting to Government on regulatory activities.

Harradine Reports

Every six months, AASB is required to prepare a response to the Senate Continuing Order for Indexed List of Agency Files (known as the 'Harradine Report').

The order requires that the indexed list of files is published to the internet, so it is accessible to the public and can assist with Freedom of Information requests.

Senate Order Reports

From 1 July 2015, the revised Senate Order requires that only contracts formed through grants, sales of goods/services by an entity, disposals by an entity, and other financial arrangements (non-procurement contracts) be included in the internet listing. Procurement contracts are not to be included in the internet listing. Reports on procurement contracts will be generated by the Department of Finance and published on AusTender ( and can be accessed by the Senate Order button.

The Australian Accounting Standards Board is subject to the Senate Order and a report for the calendar year January - December 2020 has been published.

Gifts and Benefits Register

In the course of official duties, officials of the AASB received the following gifts and/or benefits where the value exceeds $A100 (excluding GST).

Reporting requirements

AASB Multicultural Plan
AASB Certificate of Compliance For Financial Year 30 June 2016
AASB Code of Conduct
AASB Agency Contracts 2008-2009
AASB Audit Committee Charter
AASB Legal Expenditure - 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019
AASB Legal Expenditure - 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020

Statements of Expectations and Intent

These Statements form part of the governance arrangements for the AASB.  The Statement of Expectations outlines the Government’s expectations about the role and responsibilities of the AASB, its relationship with the Government, issues of transparency and accountability and operational matters.  The Statement of Intent responds to the Government’s Statement of Expectations for the AASB.

Statement of Expectations
Statement of Intent