Academics: Challenges in Educating Future Accountants

On Monday, 5 June 2023, the AASB held a session in Melbourne on The Challenges of Educating Future Accountants.

Dr Andreas Barckow, IASB Chair and Professor Ann Tarca, IASB Member, were in attendance and were joined by a panel of experts who shared their insights about the challenges in educating future accountants. 

Dr Barckow provided an overview of how he sees standard setting influencing higher education and how higher education can influence standard setting.  The expert panel then provided their perspectives as accomplished professionals in higher education and practice.

Professor Tarca was then joined by Professor Dean Hanlon and AASB Research Principal Dr Eric Lee, who provided their perspectives about how standard setters use academic research and the current research initiatives of the IASB and the AASB.

In-person and virtual attendees could interact with the panel and ask questions of the panellists at the end of the session.

Keynote Speakers:



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