AASB Research Report 20 Crypto assets – Australian stakeholders’ perspectives

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

In responding to stakeholder concerns regarding the development of crypto assets, the AASB Research Centre, jointly with the CPA Australia and Associate Professor Andrew Jackson from the University of New South Wales, published a research report that provides an overview of perspectives shared by some Australian stakeholders about crypto assets accounting and reporting. The research gathered stakeholders’ views on the following three questions:

Although some stakeholders noted that it might be premature to develop accounting standards addressing crypto assets, they urge standard-setters to develop guidance or educational material to assist preparers and auditors in navigating the accounting treatments.
Additionally, stakeholders emphasise the significance of enhancing disclosure requirements to meet users' information needs. The AASB Research Centre will continue to monitor the crypto market and conduct further research to stay informed of the developments.

The research report is now available.

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